Incorporated in 1998, our Company M/s. ApIndia Biotech Limited is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Company engaged in manufacturing of Granulated Single Super Phosphate (GSSP), Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potash (NPK) and Beneficiated Rock Phosphate. Our Company has 2 manufacturing facilities situated at Deewanganj, District Raisen, Madhya Pradesh and Meghnagar Industrial Area, District Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh.

Manufacturing of Beneficiated Rock Phosphate takes place at our manufacturing facility situated at Meghnagar, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh and manufacturing of GSSP and NPK takes place at our manufacturing facility situated at Deewanganj, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh.
Our manufacturing facility located at Dewanganj and Meghnagar is well equipped with required facilities including machinery, crane, conveyor belt, other handling equipments to facilitate smooth manufacturing process and easy logistics. We endeavour to maintain safety in our premises by adhering to key safety norms. 

We have entered into Memorandum of Understanding for our product GSSP and Beneficiated Rock Phosphate with our holding Company, Madhya Bharat Phosphate Private Limited for supply of GSSP, Beneficiated Rock Phosphate. We have our own brand of different grade of NPK under the brand name Krishi Ratna which we marketing with the help of our competent marketing team. 

Our Company is well equipped with in-house testing laboratory to test the products. Before commencement of the manufacturing process, the raw materials purchased by our Company have to undergo a quality check to ensure that they are of relevant quality and chemical composition and the finished product also undergo a final quality check before it is packed in HDPE bags. Our in house testing laboratory regulates and monitors the quality of fertilizer mixtures, packing and marking on the fertilizer bags.