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1. Backward Integration

Our Company has set up a unit at Meghnagar, District Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh for beneficiation of rock phosphate. Rock Phosphate is the key raw material required for manufacturing of SSP, thus meeting the raw material requirement in house for manufacturing of our products.

2. Quality assurance

Our Company is well equipped with in-house testing laboratory to test the products as per quality standards and relevant chemical composition. Our in house testing laboratory regulates and monitors the quality of fertilizer mixtures, packing, marking on the fertilizer bags. The raw materials and finished products are also subjected to various physical and chemical tests to ensure that they meet the required specifications. 

3. Leveraging the experience of our Individual promoter 

Our Company is promoted by Mr Pawan Agarwal, possessing an average experience of more than 19 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, trading of Chemicals and fertilizers. He spearheads the entire operations of our Company and is the guiding force behind all the corporate decisions, subject to directions of the Board of Directors along with the team of experienced and qualified professionals from various disciplines.

4. Strategic Location of Manufacturing Unit

The manufacturing facilities of our Company are situated at Dewanganj, District Raisen and Meghnagar, Madhya Pradesh. Strategic location of our manufacturing unit ensures speedy availability of raw material which leads to quick advent of manufacturing process and decrease cost of procuring the same. 


1. Continue to expand and diversify our product portfolio

Our Company has a wide product basket and strive to add new products that are required or essential or which are trending in the market or those products which are manufactured by our competitors. Our Company shall continue to focus on exploring new and feasible business opportunities.

2. Continue to improve operating efficiencies through technology enhancements

We continue to further develop our technology systems to increase asset productivity, operating efficiencies and strengthen our competitive position. We believe that our in-house technology capabilities will continue to play key role in effectively managing and expanding our operations and maintain strict operational and fiscal controls. We intend to continue to invest in our in-house technology capabilities to develop customized systems and processes to ensure effective management control. 

3. Presence in open market

The major portion of our revenue from operations accounts from our holding Company, Madhya Bharat Phosphate Private Limited. We intend to establish our presence in the open market by way of creating a market space for our products and be able to generate revenue by selling our products to other customers.