Our country is one of the top five countries of the world which produces and consumes the Phosphate Fertilizer, yet India’s consumption of Phosphate Fertilizer in terms of Kg. of P2O5 /hector is the lowest.

India has very low reserves of high grade rock phosphate with more than +30% P2O5 and with the impurities acceptable to the producers’ of phosphatic fertilizers. At present production of Rock Phosphate in India is only above 1.16 million tones which include low grade rock phosphate required for direct soil application. The high grade rock phosphate is mainly used by fertilizer industries producing Single Super Phosphate and DAP. Our country is importing about 6.0 million tones of high grade rock phosphate annually to meet the requirement of fertilizer producers.

All the manufactures of Single Super Phosphate in the State of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are depended on the high grade rock phosphate available from RSMM. The availability of Rock Phosphate with RSMM is limited and not able to cater the demand of SSP manufacturers in the region. The gap is cover by importing the rock phosphate which is always costly as compare to RSMM. Presently the SSP units in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are facing serious crises in supply of rock phosphate from RSMM Ltd. Any additional availability of high grade of Rock Phosphate at an equivalent cost of RSMML will help the industries located in the region and will also reduce the outflow of foreign exchange.

Thus it can be concluded that both from the overall national angle and regional level, there is an adequate demand of beneficiated rock phosphate by SSP manufacturers within a radius of 300-400 Kms. from proposed Beneficiation Plant, since the prices of the beneficiated rock phosphate shall be kept at par with the Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited. The landed cost of beneficiated rock phosphate at the units of SSP manufacturers shall always be cheaper as compared to the cost of imported high grade rock phosphate due to its high basic price in foreign currency and transportation from the port to the Unit.